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@StollmeyerEU in the media

@StollmeyerEU #1 female digital EU influencer 2019 and 2020

@StollmeyerEU ranking 18th among digital EU influencers (October 2017)

@StollmeyerEU coins ‘Twistance’ for US government employees’ Twitter resistance & goes viral. Selection of international coverage: see Daily Kos and Mashable and Washington Post and People and CNN and a follow-up (January 2017)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 41st in global top 100 climate action influencers (February 2017)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 19th in global top 100 renewable energy influencers (June 2016)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in Expat Time – page 7 (July 2015)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 46th in global top 100 Eco-Influencers (20 April 2015)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in Danish communications magazine – page 14-15 (April 2015)

@StollmeyerEU on networking in Brussels: “Get on Twitter!” (10 April 2015)

The Guardian recommends to follow @StollmeyerEU on energy matters (23 December 2014)

‘Insights from an influential Twitterer’ interview with @StollmeyerEU (12 November 2014)

@StollmeyerEU interviews Martin Lidegaard, Denmark Minister of Foreign Affairs (21 October 2014)

@StollmeyerEU on using political influence to make a difference (25 September 2014)

EU Commission President Barroso replies @StollmeyerEU (12 September 2013)

@StollmeyerEU video message for EU Commission President Barroso (10 September 2013)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in EU Council videoclip ‘This is why everyone is tweeting during EU Summits’ (21 November 2012; watch at 1:10)

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