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Alice Stollmeyer is the Founder and Executive Director of Defend Democracy. She has a background in social studies of science, technology & society. A former digital strategist, Alice now works on democracy, technology, geopolitics & hybrid threats. Alice has lived and worked in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, the heart of the European Union.

With a solid background in social studies of science, technology and society and in communication, in 2012 Alice founded her own consultancy @StollmeyerEU, which specialises in EU public affairs, political communications and digital advocacy. She has been ranked a top digital EU influencer ever since (#1 female digital EU influencer 2019 and 2020).

In 2016 @StollmeyerEU broadened its portfolio: previously focused on EU’s energy and climate policies, now its focus is (geo)politics, digital developments and European values like democracy, human rights and rule of law. In 2017 @StollmeyerEU successfully accomplished a major assignment as interim Communications Director at the Women Political Leaders Global Forum.

On 8 November 2017, Alice Stollmeyer founded Defend Democracy: an independent, nonpartisan, transatlantic initiative defending democracy from foreign, domestic and technological threats.

Defend Democracy works at the intersection of freedom, security and technology. To achieve its mission, it operates on the front-line: building awareness, shaping advocacy and taking action. In particular, it aims to grow civil resilience against hybrid threats to democracy. Defend Democracy’s projects range from convening high-level democracy stakeholders, to community building for democracy defenders, and from exposing organised information manipulation, to training practitioners how to handle disinformation and other harmful information activities.

Alice is available for speaking engagements, interviews, moderating, and minor digital advocacy assignments.


To make a difference for a better world.


  • Digital advocacy strategy
  • Disinformation
  • Ethics of technology
  • Political communications
  • EU public affairs
  • Political intelligence

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