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@StollmeyerEU in the media

@StollmeyerEU ranking 18th among digital EU influencers (October 2017)

@StollmeyerEU coins ‘Twistance’ for US government employees’ Twitter resistance & goes viral. Selection of international coverage: see Daily Kos and Mashable and Washington Post and People and CNN and a follow-up (January 2017)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 41st in global top 100 climate action influencers (February 2017)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 19th in global top 100 renewable energy influencers (June 2016)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in Expat Time – page 7 (July 2015)

@StollmeyerEU ranking 46th in global top 100 Eco-Influencers (20 April 2015)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in Danish communications magazine – page 14-15 (April 2015)

@StollmeyerEU on networking in Brussels: “Get on Twitter!” (10 April 2015)

The Guardian recommends to follow @StollmeyerEU on energy matters (23 December 2014)

‘Insights from an influential Twitterer’ interview with @StollmeyerEU (12 November 2014)

@StollmeyerEU interviews Martin Lidegaard, Denmark Minister of Foreign Affairs (21 October 2014)

@StollmeyerEU on using political influence to make a difference (25 September 2014)

EU Commission President Barroso replies @StollmeyerEU (12 September 2013)

@StollmeyerEU video message for EU Commission President Barroso (10 September 2013)

@StollmeyerEU featuring in EU Council videoclip ‘This is why everyone is tweeting during EU Summits’ (21 November 2012; watch at 1:10)

Blogs by Alice Stollmeyer

Latest news & views on energy & climate in Europe (click ‘follow’ to receive my free newsletter)

Europe, be big on climate change! (28 september 2013)

EU Column for the Netherlands’ Renewable Energy Organisation (February 2013, page 15)

Join the Energy Revolution! (29 October 2012)

Succesful meeting EU Ministers for Energy and Environment (14 April 2012)

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