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MEP Claude Turmes slams #CleanEnergyEU package

The long awaited and much anticipated Energy Union “Jumbo Package” – a package of 8 new and reviewed EU energy draft legislation; on Twitter a.k.a. #CleanEnergyEU (official hashtag), #EnergyUnionPackage, and #WinterPackage – is currently in so-called Inter Service Consultation within the European Commission. The package is scheduled to be adopted, presented and published on Wednesday…

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On EU’s #PowerProbe & a legal challenge to UK #CapacityMarkets

On Wednesday 13 April the European Commission presented an interim report on its sector inquiry on electricity capacity mechanisms. (On Twitter a.k.a. the #PowerProbe on #CapacityMarkets.) A public consultation on the Power Probe (the interim report and the annexed staff working document) starts as of today; the deadline for comments is 6 July 2016. The Power Probe…

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Leaked: draft EU #EnergyUnion strategy for LNG & Gas Storage

On Tuesday 16 February (rescheduled; was Wednesday 10 February) the European Commission will present the so-called Energy Union ‘Winter Package’. The package will consist of five elements: Revised Security of Gas Supply Regulation Proposal for a revised decision on Intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy Strategy for Liquefied Natural Gas & Storage Strategy for heating…

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EU Environment Council 26 October: EU ETS & fossil fuel subsidies

EU Ministers for Environment and Climate will meet on Monday 26 October 2015. Update 20 October: the meeting page now has agenda highlights & background brief (pdf). Added to the agenda: ‘The ministers will also address the issue of emissions from cars and manipulation of emission control systems in cars relating to the air quality in…

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