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Leaked: draft EU Energy Efficiency & Buildings directives

On Wednesday 30 November the European Commission will present the next Energy Union Package. (On Twitter a.k.a. #EnergyUnionPackage.) The package will consist of nine (possibly ten) elements: Governance of the Energy Union Regulation Energy Efficiency Directive Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Renewable Energy Directive (leaked draft here) Electricity Market Regulation (leaked draft here) Risk Preparedness…

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EU Energy Council 6 June 2016: agenda & documents

The EU Ministers for Energy will meet on Monday 6 June 2016. Update 2 June: The meeting page now indicates the agenda highlights: ‘Security of energy supply The Council will try to  reach a general approach on a draft decision that sets up aninformation exchange mechanism on energy agreements between member states and non-EU countries….

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Leaked: draft EU #EnergyUnion regulation on Security of Gas Supply

On Tuesday 16 February (rescheduled; was Wednesday 10 February) the European Commission will present the so-called Energy Union ‘Winter Package’. The package will consist of five elements: Revised Security of Gas Supply Regulation Proposal for a revised decision on Intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy Strategy for Liquefied Natural Gas & Storage Strategy for…

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