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MEP Claude Turmes slams #CleanEnergyEU package

The long awaited and much anticipated Energy Union “Jumbo Package” – a package of 8 new and reviewed EU energy draft legislation; on Twitter a.k.a. #CleanEnergyEU (official hashtag), #EnergyUnionPackage, and #WinterPackage – is currently in so-called Inter Service Consultation within the European Commission. The package is scheduled to be adopted, presented and published on Wednesday…

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London & Paris call for stricter EU air pollution limits. Joint letter

On Monday 30 May, EU Ministers signed the so-called ‘Pact of Amsterdam‘, which sets out the principles of the Urban Agenda for the EU. Among the priority themes are energy, climate and air pollution. ‘The declaration comes just four days before national governments are set to water down proposed EU caps on air pollution at…

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