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EU Presidency urged for higher #CleanEnergyEU ambition

Open letter from Members of the S&D group to the Maltese Presidency RE: Role of citizens and cooperatives in the Clean Energy Package.


  • The recast of the Renewables Directive sets the level of energy from renewable sources in the EU at 27% in 2030. The S&D group will push for at least 40% by 2030 and the continuation of binding national targets.
  • Article 22 of the recast of the Renewables Directive limits the potential of renewable cooperatives by capping their projects to an average of 18 Mega Watts.
  • Article 21 of the recast of the Renewables Directive includes an important provision on renewable self-consumers. However, the legislation should go further on financing, vulnerable consumers, information and one-stop shops.

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@StollmeyerEU • 2nd December 2016

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