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Leaked: EU #EnergyUnion country fiche for Belgium

EU Commission Vice-President Sefcovic is touring Europe to promote and discuss the European Energy Union. ‘The Energy Union Tour will feed into the first State of the Energy Union report, which the Commission will present to the European Parliament and Council in the autumn of this year. It will become an important instrument to monitor progress at the European, regional and national level.’

Sefcovic’ team has prepared an Energy Union country fiche for each of the 28 EU member states. The country fiches are drafts and will only be published once validated. Yet… some country fiches are already circulating in Brussels’ circles.

What does a country fiche look like?  

Each country fiche starts with a SWOT-analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats related to the country’s energy and climate situation. One can recognise the five Energy Union dimensions (underlined below) in the country fiche. It is interesting to have a closer look at the structure of the fiches, as the country fiches probably give an early impression of what the annual State of the Energy Union report will look like:

  1. Macroeconomic relevance of energy (Importance of the energy sector; Trade balance of energy products)
  2. Energy Security, solidarity and trust (Energy mix; Import dependency)
  3. A fully-integrated internal energy market (Interconnections; Electricity and gas markets; Contribution of energy to consumer price evolution; Vulnerable consumers)
  4. Energy Efficiency and moderation of energy demand (Energy efficiency target 2020; Energy intensity)
  5. Decarbonisation of the economy (GHG emission reduction target 2020; Renewable energy share target 2020; Greenhouse gas emisision indicators; Energy & transport taxation)
  6. Research, innovation and competitiveness (Research & innovation; Competitiveness)
  7. Post-2020 Energy and Climate policy Strategy (Comprehensive medium to long-term strategy (post-2020) for climate and energy; National targets, especially for 2030)
  8. Regional cooperation
  9. Cohesion policy contribution


If you’d like to see an actual country fiche: here is the draft EU Energy Union country fiche for Belgium.


@StollmeyerEU • 31st May 2015

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